Isabel is a Shelty (Silky) girl, her color is most black but she have got a brown back feet and some brown strenghts in her fur.

Isabel is born on the 9th.of december 2003, her weight was 107 gram at her birth what is excellent. 

Her parents are:

MOTHER, Called also Isabel and is a Peruvian Guinea pig

DADDY got the outrages name off Dostojevski and is a Tessel Guinea pig

ISABEL and DOSTOJEVSKI from Josien (Wjea)


Isabel 3 days old........her name here is still Carmen

I give her the name Isabel referring the song Isabelle Je t'aime by Les poppys from the year 1972

Her mother Isabel with Carmen (Isabel), Claudius and Callisto


These pictures are from  12th of march 2004 , then she weight already 598 gram, her hair become much longer and will grow and grow..............